My app closes by itself My app closes by itself

My app closes by itself

Anais Anais

We are sorry that you are experiencing this problem! 

This can happen if you do not have the latest version of our application. We invite you to go to the Appstore or Playstore.

Then search for "Petit Bambou" and an update will normally be suggested.

Once installed, the application should work normally.


The latest version

on IOS: v 2.7.0

on Android: 5.6.0


If, despite reinstallation, the app still closes, it may be that we are experiencing a problem, that there is a hidden glitch for example, or worse, that one of our servers or that of OVH has crashed...  😱

So don't hesitate to send us an email on  so we can diagnose the problem, find a solution and inform you of the resolution. 

While waiting for the app issues to be fixed, you can also meditate from our mobile site.

Log on to . You will find your sessions, all the tools and your progress.

Happy meditating!

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