By now, you should be aware that regular practice brings certain benefits. You may even already have some habits that you feel are similar to meditation or being in a highly present state, such as when you deliberately relax or take a break, when you think deeply or take a solitary walk, listen to music or take a bath.

Meditating is simple, but it isn't easy:

  • you have to face your fears, difficulties or deficiencies, and you find yourself confronting existence and its pleasant, unpleasant, positive and negative realities
  • sometimes the process is laborious and thankless (and goes far beyond the celebration induced by a few brief instants of intense presence)
  • the techniques developed by expert practitioners over many centuries are extremely specific and require patient dedication
  • it can be hard to make the practice regular and sustainable


Just like you once learned to write or ride a bicycle, it is essential to learn so that you can understand how to practice and therefore how your mind works. Don't forget the effort that you have devoted to acquiring new skills over the years. Don't stop at simply reading a few best-selling books on meditation: practice it too! If not, it's as if you were simply looking at restaurant menus without ever eating!

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