How can I find the time to meditate? How can I find the time to meditate?

How can I find the time to meditate?

Anais Anais

"Half an hour's meditation each day is essential, except when you are busy.  Then a full hour is needed."  Saint Francis de Sales

That's the question every meditator asks! And our service has been created to help you integrate your meditation sessions into modern life, no matter where or when. You carry your smartphone with you everywhere, so it gives you the opportunity to use new periods of time (periods that some people might consider to be useless time) to meditate, alone but with a guide: while commuting, in a queue, at the office...

But above all, your motivation is the key factor in finding the time, in achieving this 'doing nothing' in the midst of a deluge of actions and movements: remember your deep motivation for meditating and the long-term benefits that it can bring.  Decide to give yourself that time to take care of your mental well-being. 

The time spent will probably be compensated for by a better quality of presence at important times, sometimes by better concentration and greater clarity that will enable you to take better decisions more quickly, by time saved on pointless future speculation or anticipation that you can avoid. 

Equate time spent meditating with that dedicated to personal hygiene, to your health, to physical activity or to well-being in general. You can also set it off against time spent in escapist activities, those where the aim is merely to occupy your time or activities that you do on automatic pilot, without really experiencing them.


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