How do I find and maintain motivation? How do I find and maintain motivation?

How do I find and maintain motivation?

Anais Anais

First, you have to find your deep motivation before or during the initial sessions. Internal motivation like your own mental well-being, or your relationship with those around you?


  •     You also need to be clear that there is no concrete achievement or final goal to reach. Ensure that your motivation aligns with and reflects these ideas in some way.
  •     Develop a personal conviction that it's worth the effort by listening to other meditators or reading the results of research studies. Use this to fuel your determination and perseverance.
  •     Simply ask yourself this question: What is my real intention with this practice?
  •     What do I want to learn or understand about how I work? To gain a better understanding of my mind, to achieve a better perspective?
  •     Might meditation influence or impact on the lives of those around me?
  •     Be realistic. You mustn't try too hard, nor give up, but instead achieve something between the two extremes. This balance – which is sometimes an imbalance – will help you to pursue your practice.
  •     Practice! Discussing meditation or reading a book on the subject is probably easier and more accessible than meditating, but unfortunately the former have no impact on your body or mind.


Try not to have too many expectations or prejudices.


Here is some useful advice for maintaining, cultivating and even extending your motivation throughout your progress as a meditator:

  •    Try out our 'Anchor your practice' programme.
  •    Discover or rediscover why you choose to meditate. What has fuelled your perseverance and enthusiasm since your first meditation session?
  •     For example, are you seeking a kind of internal peace, the capacity to better manage your emotions, confidence, a calmer mind or greater powers of concentration?
  •     Write that reason down. Then look for a deeper reason, and a deeper one still!
  •     Every new day of meditation brings a little impetus, a new motivation or one similar to that of the previous day. Your job is to be conscious of this and to use it. "Sit and forget" is a Taoist saying that resumes this practice very well.
  •     You can't fail or meditate badly. However, it's important to remember that it isn't necessarily pleasant or relaxing.
  •     Forgive yourself if you forget a session or two.
  •     Gradually advance your knowledge of the practice, so that you can meditate regularly and sustainably.
  •     Believe in your own capacity to create new good habits like this one.
  •     Monitor your progress in the app; motivate and reward yourself if you wish.
  •     Ask for help in our forums or from meditation coaches.
  •     Remember that you're in charge of your agenda and deciding your own priorities.

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