Why is Petit BamBou interested in breathing? Why is Petit BamBou interested in breathing?

Why is Petit BamBou interested in breathing?

Sophie Sophie

Because meditation and breathing go hand in hand

"...And now come back to your breathing..." 

This is probably the most common phrase heard in your guided meditation sessions, isn't it?

Breathing anchors us in the present moment, connecting us to our bodies, our sensations and our emotions. To talk about mindfulness meditation without learning more about the breath and its effects would be incomplete.

"Breathing is a key to meditation, a way of learning about oneself, which in turn opens the door to other disciplines".


Because breathing is accessible to all (or almost all) and has a direct effect on our well-being

In theory, if you are reading this, you know how to breathe. But do you really know how to breathe properly? Do you know the effects and benefits of your breathing?

Breathing is a vital function that we can easily master, it's simple to access, natural and effective for both novices and experienced people, it allows to balance the physiological and the psychic.

For non-meditators, breathing may seem like an easier approach because it is more concrete than mindfulness meditation. For the initiated, it may be a way to go further in the practice, to discover new tools to take care of your mind with more autonomy.

Be careful not to limit breathing to its technicality. Learning to master one's breathing is to reconnect with one's own rhythm in order to maintain a favorable climate for our body and our health.

If you suffer from respiratory problems, we recommend that you ask the advice of your doctor before starting these breathing exercises.


Because breathing with Petit Bambou is nothing new

Back in 2018 we introduced a cardiac coherence tool that many of you have already used. Although very popular with our users and effective, we quickly realized that this tool was limited. Indeed, cardiac coherence is only one breathing technique among many others.

Convinced by the benefits of this practice and motivated by the idea of providing appropriate support for anxiety and personal balance, we decided to devote an entire tool to it.

For more information on this new "breathing" tool, click here: New free breathing tool 
To find out where the cardiac coherence tool is, go to : Where is the cardiac coherence tool?



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