My subscription has been suspended My subscription has been suspended

My subscription has been suspended

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Your subscription may be suspended if your payment method has expired, if your bank card has been blocked or if your bank has rejected your payment. In these cases, Petit BamBou will notify you by email.

If you had a monthly or annual subscription

Your subscription will then be in a "grace period". During this grace period of about 3 days, you will be able to update your payment method. Without updating your payment method, your subscription cannot be renewed and will be automatically suspended by our system. 

You can read our article on how to update your payment method if needed.

If your payment card has not expired, and is still valid, it may be that the bank has declined the transaction; In that case you susbcbription as been stopped and you can subscribe again to renew it by going to
Make sure you log in with your regular email address to retrieve your history of sessions and your progress.




If you had a half-yearly subscription via the Appstore or GooglePlay

Make sure your payment method is up to date. 

If you have problems updating your payment method, don't worry, you can always re-subscribe at the end of the "grace" period and your progress will not be lost as your history is saved in your account. 

You can re-subscribe by going to

It is also possible that your subscription may be suspended if you have used our services in a way that does not comply with our terms and conditions.


As always, do not hesitate to contact our customer service for more information via .

Thank you for your understanding! 

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