I feel discomfort or pain when meditating I feel discomfort or pain when meditating

I feel discomfort or pain when meditating

Anais Anais

Sitting for long periods may indeed lead to discomfort or even pain. 

But meditation will help you to put this in perspective. Pain has a tendency to occupy the whole of your mind. 

  • Trying to observe with attention will help you to understand that it doesn't have to invade everything. You will realise that there is room for this kind of conscious observation and also for other feelings.
  • Contemplate your discomfort in detail. The centre of the discomfort, a little around it, to one side...
  • Recognise that the rest of your body feels fine, but that this small area is monopolising your entire attention. Re-establish balance.

Can I move? 

This is a common question. Petit BamBou adopts an open approach to the issue. If you find your position painful or uncomfortable, of course there's no particular benefit in remaining completely still. So of course you can move. But if you do, decide consciously to do so rather than allowing your automatic pilot to do it for you.

If you move or slightly adjust your posture, think of the movement. Begin to move and feel all the muscles involved in achieving that movement. Try to move slowly and to remain completely conscious of every movement of your body and of the pain as it gradually recedes. Use the situation as the subject of your attention, as a new part of your meditation session.  

In this way, you can move slightly to make yourself more comfortable while still remaining completely conscious of any changes generated. 

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