Perhaps you sometimes feel a little impatient? Impatient to move on to the next exercise, impatient to finish a session, impatient to see the benefits become clear in your everyday life.

Demanding immediate results isn't realistic: everything you have learned so far in life (to walk, to read, to ride a bicycle or drive a car, perhaps to play tennis or a musical instrument) has taken time.

Or is it laziness?

Identify any thoughts that may relate to laziness. Note them in a mental notebook to observe them as if from a safe distance. What are these thoughts, and how do they hold you back?

  • Perhaps you don't like making an effort as a general rule, and your natural laziness is robbing you of some of your enthusiasm. Don't blame yourself, don't label yourself – it's perfectly normal!
  • You have a tendency to give up before even beginning. That happens to all of us, with no exceptions!
  • You've had enough, you have the impression that your mind and body just can't meditate any more. These are very common thoughts, and they really aren't a serious problem.
  • You feel an irrepressible desire to carry out other tasks – any tasks! – rather than meditating, even though you know how important it is. This is another classic problem.

Be curious. When these thoughts arise, observe what your spontaneous reactions would instead prefer you to do.

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