What kind of data does Petit BamBou collect ? What kind of data does Petit BamBou collect ?

What kind of data does Petit BamBou collect ?

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Your data belongs to you and we owe you transparency on how it is collected and used at Petit BamBou.


The data used to create your Petit BamBou account

When you create your account we ask you for an email address and a password, that's it!

This registration process is mandatory to create your personal meditation space where you will find personalized tools such as a session counter to follow your progress, a "favorites" or "preloads" option allowing you to find all your favorite meditation sessions etc.

If you wish, you can provide your personal information such as gender, name, first name... in your account but this is not mandatory.

Finally, if you allow notifications from Petit BamBou (from your phone settings), then we will have access to your phone's ID.


The data we use for your subscription

- For those subscribing on our website:

In order to subscribe to  our monthly, annual or lifetime subscription from our website, you will need to fill in your credit card information. For this payment, Petit BamBou uses the services of the online payment platform Braintree and Stripe.
All new subscriptions purchased from the website on or after June 28th, 2022 are managed by Stripe.
All previous subscriptions purchased prior to June 28, 2022 are managed by Braintree.
Both payment systems collect your information and store it in a secure, encrypted manner to ensure your subscription is renewed when it expires.

Remember that if you want to cancel this automatic renewal it is possible directly from your account settings. See our FAQ articles related to this topic  "I want to stop the automatic renewal of my subscription".

To read Braintree's privacy policy, click here.

To read Stripe's privacy policy click here 


- For those subscribing on the app:

Please note that for semi-annual subscriptions, taken on the app directly, payments are handled by the Apple store, the App Gallery (Huawei) or Google Play depending on your phone.

You can refer to the privacy policies of these two entities by clicking here for Apple, here for Google and here for the App Gallery.


What about our (chocolate) cookies?

When you create your account, we will ask you which cookies you allow. As a reminder, a cookie (culinary joke aside) is a text file that records your information when you browse the web in order to analyze it and facilitate your future browsing, personalize ads afterwards, etc.

You can change your choice regarding our cookies at any time in the "Consent preferences" section at the bottom of the Petit BamBou website homepage or in your account settings on the application (Me > Settings > More information > My cookies).

The tools that generate cookies for Petit BamBou are:

If you choose to refuse the cookie, it will not affect your access to most of the content and features available on Petit BamBou.

For more details on how Petit BamBou manages your data, you can consult the "privacy" section of our website or on the application (Me > Settings > More information > Privacy).

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