How to subscribe from the website? How to subscribe from the website?

How to subscribe from the website?

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On our website you can find three types of subscriptions: monthly, yearly and lifetime ( please visit the article "introduction to subscriptions" for more details). 

In this article we explain how to proceed step by step to subscribe online to Petit BamBou. Are you ready? Here we go: 


Step 1: I go to the "subscriptions" page of the Petit BamBou website 

It looks like this:



Step 2: I choose the duration of my subscription by clicking on "subscribe".

The prices will automatically adjust according to your country of residence.


Step 3: I fill in my Petit BamBou account information

At Petit BamBou each subscription is associated to a specific email address.

This email address will allow you to connect to your meditation space on all your devices.
During step 3, you will be able to enter your email address and your password to link your Petit BamBou account with your subscription (or create your account if you don't have one).

This way, if you have followed the free discovery version of Petit BamBou or if you had a subscription before, you will be able to find all your progress. 

We advise you to keep your email address and password somewhere safe so that you can always access your meditation space (although we are happy to help you find your information if you need it, of course!) 




Step 4: I pay for my subscription


If you have any questions about the types of payment accepted, you can find more information here : What payment methods are available 


Step 5: I now have a subscription!

Once your payment has been finalised, you will receive a confirmation email at the address indicated in step 3. You will be able to log in immediately to enjoy your meditation programmes.

If you have any doubts, are not sure if your payment was successful or if you feel that you have subscribed but do not have access to the entire catalogue, please contact our great customer service team who will do their best to help you on 


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