Introduction to subscriptions Introduction to subscriptions

Introduction to subscriptions

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Petit BamBou account holders can access the services in two ways:

  • With a "discovery" access: a free service, which gives unlimited access to our "Discovery" programme, composed of 8 sessions. But also to the "Junior Discovery" programme and to 3 meditations of the day. In addition, there is an access to valuable tools such as the "calming breath" meditation, the cardiac coherence tool and the free and customizable meditation. Finally, you will also have access to several relaxing sounds and 19 animated stories.
  • With a paid subscription: a paying service gives access to all the contents of our catalogue, including more elements than the free trial sessions in the "discovery" access.

What is the subscription for?

Subscriptions give you access to the full catalogue of over 400 meditations for as long as you remain a subscriber, on the app (Android and IOS) AND on the website.

Once you have subscribed, you can view your sessions on all your devices, regardless of your subscription: phone, computer and tablet. 


How much does it cost? 

Prices may change depending on the currency, please check the current prices on our website: 

Petit Bambou subscription plans


How does the subscription work?

Petit BamBou offers 4 subscription options:

- monthly

- half-yearly

- yearly

- lifetime

  • Monthly, yearly and lifetime subscriptions are only available on our website
    The monthly subscription is paid by an automatic and recurrent debit every month and the annual subscription by an automatic and recurrent direct debit every year.
    The lifetime subscription is paid by direct debit in one go and is not renewable.
  • The half-yearly subscription can only be purchased on the app and is paid by an automatic and recurrent debit every six months.

Unless you cancel your subscription, it will be automatically renewed for exactly the same period as the initial period and the recurring fees will be at the then current rate. 

You can of course cancel the automatic renewal of your subscription at any time from the My Account page or vie the Google/Apple interface (depending on your type of subscription). 

Please remember that no revocation, cancellation or refund request will be accepted after the order has been validated (except during the 14-day retractation period).

For more information you can consult our general terms and conditions of use and sale here :

Petit bambou T&C 


What do I still have acess to once my subscription is over?

Once your subscription is over, you will have access to the 8 sessions of the Discovery programme, to the Calming breath tool, to the free meditation, to the cardiac coherence and to the 19 little stories...

You do not keep the sessions you preloaded when you were subscribed. 

However, you keep your progress and your history. If you wish to renew your subscription one day, you will find your progress linked to the email address used to create your Petit BamBou account.


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