The various breathing techniques The various breathing techniques

The various breathing techniques

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The practice of breathing exercises allows, depending on the situation, to soothe, balance, stimulate or tone up.
The ability to use and master these techniques brings a physiological and psychic balance necessary for the vital functions of your body.

Thus, through regular training, your behavior, skills and abilities will be more easily and sustainably adapted to your personal and professional environment.

In the new Breathing tool, you will find different breathing modes to help you relax:

  • Cardiac coherence (consecutive inhalations and exhalations of 5 seconds each),
  • Long exhale (4 second inhalations followed by longer exhalations of 6 seconds),
  • Box breathing (inhalations and exhalations separated by apnea moments of 4 seconds each),
  • Customized breathing (you choose the seconds of inhalation, exhalation, and apnea).



Although the techniques are different, one is not better than another, each technique gives you a new insight into the practice, so feel free to try them all to see which one(s) suits you best!


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