Our catalogue of "homemade" sounds is full of about thirty different types of background music that can help you relax or even accompany your working day.

Some of these sounds can be used as background music for the free meditation or cardiac coherence tool. 

They can be found in the sounds section of the application and the website.


Download the sounds

You can download the relaxing sounds to listen to it without being online. To do this, click on the sound in question, a sidebar with the current track will appear at the bottom of your screen, click on this sidebar so that it opens completely. Then at the top left click on the small cloud. 
Once your sound is downloaded, you can play it again without being connected to the Internet, including adding it to your free meditation. 

The sounds catalog cannot be found

If the catalogue does not appear on your device, it is possible that your application is not properly updated:

1. From your phone/tablet click on your app store or Playstore
2. In the search bar, search for " Petit Bambou ".
3. Once you have selected the application, click on "Update".

Once this is done, log into your Petit Bambou account on the app and you should find them.

Enjoy :) 

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