How does my history of session work? How does my history of session work?

How does my history of session work?

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Whether on the application or on the Petit BamBou website, you can find your personal meditation history. In the application, click on "me" at the bottom right of the screen. On the website, click on "history" in the dashboard (left)

This counter allows you to keep an eye on your progress, to find all your sessions and to observe (or not) your regular practice of meditation with Petit BamBou.

The different indicators 

Your meditation practice with Petit BamBou is categorized in your history by the following indicators:

  • Number of sessions
  • Total time spent meditating
  • Number of consecutive sessions
  • Best series



The number of sessions shows the total number of sessions completed since your account was created. This number increases by +1 for each completed session. So far, that' s pretty easy!


The total meditation time lists your meditation time in hours since the creation of your account. If you do a 15 minute session this morning and another 10 minutes this evening, my counter will add + 25 minutes to this total time. Still keeping track for this one?


The number of consecutive sessions refers to the number of meditation sessions done back to back. For example, I have not meditated for a long time and I resume with a session on 22/07, 23/07, 24/07 and 25/07 my current series will be 4 sessions. Beware, if you take a break of more than 48 hours between two sessions this counter will be reset to zero! Indeed, the sessions are no longer consecutive if they are done too far apart in time, right?


Finally, your best series is your best series of sessions in a row (according to the previous definition). Let's say you practiced very regularly in 2020, your best series was 217, you took a break and started again in 2021 with sessions on 22/07, 23/07, 24/07 and 25/07, so your series in a row is 4 but your best series remains 217! Are you still here? Ok great :)


All the guided sessions offered in our catalogue, as well as the free meditation sessions and the meditations of the day are taken into account by your history. 


My history: a motivator in my practice or a means of frustration? 

For some people the idea of having a quantified goal to achieve is a great help in setting up a meditation routine and sticking to it over time. 

For others this tool is useless at best, even harmful because it introduces a notion of competition, with others and with oneself, which can be a source of stress and therefore against the effects sought when meditating.

In both cases, this tool remains a tool, nothing more, nothing less.
If it allows you to motivate yourself, don't hesitate to use it, but don't judge yourself too harshly if you miss a session and your counter gets low.
On the other hand, feel free to ignore it if it doesn't do anything useful for you. But don't feel distressed either if by chance you find that you have meditated less than the person next door!


For information, on the app you can hide your counter so that it does not appear automatically each time a session is completed. 


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