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Feature suggestions

No disturb mode
Lukasz Nowak Lukasz Nowak 36 stemmen 9 opmerkingen
Can we have a self love meditation topic?
Sara Law Sara Law 23 stemmen 12 opmerkingen
Samples of voices
Ancha Maatje Ancha Maatje 14 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
icistgio icistgio 10 stemmen 11 opmerkingen
Matt Stevens Matt Stevens 7 stemmen 4 opmerkingen
More Silence During Guided Meditation sessions
Erick Lessing Erick Lessing 6 stemmen 1 opmerking
Yashfa  umer Yashfa umer 5 stemmen 1 opmerking
pumar.mello pumar.mello 5 stemmen 20 opmerkingen
Filter on favorite based on duration
Olivier Beaujean Olivier Beaujean 5 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Story time Guided Meditation ?
mikahewson mikahewson 4 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Add a queue list for the programs we want to try later
caroline.goujard.91 caroline.goujard.91 4 stemmen 1 opmerking
Maria Ribes Pereira Maria Ribes Pereira 4 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
To make the subscription free
yahyakz121212 yahyakz121212 3 stemmen 7 opmerkingen
henrythomasnathan henrythomasnathan 3 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Social anxiety and people
maartasartorius maartasartorius 3 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Free meditation on apple watch
Mr T Mr T 3 stemmen 0 opmerkingen
Choose the duration of meditation
Anais Anais 3 stemmen 3 opmerkingen
Short delay in start of meditaition
gracejoseph1236 gracejoseph1236 2 stemmen 0 opmerkingen
Consecutive series turn off / on
Fenna Braune Fenna Braune 2 stemmen 0 opmerkingen
Race equality
Maria Ribes Pereira Maria Ribes Pereira 2 stemmen 2 opmerkingen
Adding kurdish language
Shara Rashid Shara Rashid 1 stem 0 opmerkingen
muhamedhamisi14 muhamedhamisi14 1 stem 0 opmerkingen
No subscription
sagnik  dash sagnik dash 1 stem 0 opmerkingen
A daily meditation reminder pop up
silvano.jud silvano.jud 1 stem 0 opmerkingen
Effacer l'historique et réinitialiser un programme a zero
Florian Orgeret Florian Orgeret 1 stem 0 opmerkingen
Instructor's voice
ktm049896 ktm049896 1 stem 0 opmerkingen
Getting back to reality smoothly
Irene Abad Aparicio Irene Abad Aparicio 1 stem 0 opmerkingen
amirmirzakhani167 amirmirzakhani167 1 stem 0 opmerkingen
Connecting with friends
mandy311.rathi mandy311.rathi 1 stem 1 opmerking