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More Silence During Guided Meditation sessions

Erick Lessing Erick Lessing
I'm an experienced meditator that's open to exploring the teaching that the app has to offer, and follow along of course. But at times the guided meditation doesn't keep quiet for me to enjoy the effects of the meditation. Can I suggest that you break up meditations into different segments, and allow users to decide if they want more guidance or more silence during a meditation. It's kind of a tall order I know. But it's definitely possible, and a feature that would be greatly appreciated by some. Segments that are directed towards beginners like suggesting what to look out for what to notice etc can then be turned off if you're more comfortable on your own but don't want to miss the overall lesson that the daily practice wants to give.
Erick Lessing


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  • k b
    Agree..and I am a beginner. But just saying something like. "As we go into this next period of silence, focus on.... x y z" and then shush 😉
    k b

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