Good morning, First of all, I would like to thank you for this amazing app, it helps me a lot!! However, I would like to suggest you something: why don’t you include other human races (such as black, oriental, indian...) in your videos, characters, etc. It seems to me that it is an app just for white people... Thank you!
Maria Ribes Pereira


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  • Shalla-Marie Manga
    You know what....? I hadn't thought of this before. Indeed it does sound like most of these apps are made by and cater mostly to Caucasians.
    Shalla-Marie Manga
  • k b
    Ps I'm sure you meant no harm, but Asian is the correct term to use, rather than "Orientals ". The way I remember it is oriental describes THINGS like art, rugs, decor, but Asian is the ethnicity describing PEOPLE.
    k b

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