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Program suggestions

Is there a particular theme you would want Petit BamBou to focus on in one of the programs? Here you can share your ideas or vote for those of other users

Being afraid of your own mind and thoughts
Florin Bogatoaie Florin Bogatoaie 1 vote 0 commentaires
Sessualità consapevole_italiano
debbyrover debbyrover 0 votes 0 commentaires
Sophrologie avec visualisation du futur
sandrineconti sandrineconti 0 votes 0 commentaires
joypatience joypatience 0 votes 0 commentaires
mortara.cristina mortara.cristina 0 votes 0 commentaires
subscriber subscriber 0 votes 0 commentaires
Online Gong Bath
Marine Salem Marine Salem 0 votes 0 commentaires
Program focusing on grounding rather than the breath for people with PTSD
Gaelynn Lea Gaelynn Lea 1 vote 0 commentaires
just 佛4
huawei huawei 0 votes 2 commentaires
subscriber subscriber 0 votes 0 commentaires
Relaxation Programs
rshah6785 rshah6785 0 votes 0 commentaires
Nouvelle série bodyscan
Florian Orgeret Florian Orgeret 0 votes 0 commentaires
How to Cop with sadness feeling
Guilaine Yaka Guilaine Yaka 2 votes 0 commentaires
Depression and mental health theme
allouothers allouothers 6 votes 1 commentaire
Inner child healing
Ashi  Krishnan Ashi Krishnan 1 vote 0 commentaires
Staying centered amidst chaos
k b k b 1 vote 2 commentaires
Programs to fall asleep
quesnelmathilde quesnelmathilde 5 votes 1 commentaire
Sujan sheik
Susan Sheik Susan Sheik Susan Sheik Susan Sheik 0 votes 0 commentaires
Sujan sheik
Susan Sheik Susan Sheik Susan Sheik Susan Sheik 0 votes 1 commentaire
Semi-guided meditation practice?
Will Arnold Will Arnold 1 vote 0 commentaires
Mediation for people who are stress about moving
Claire Morse Claire Morse 2 votes 1 commentaire
How to cope with feeling towards food
Nikita Borsutzky Nikita Borsutzky 1 vote 0 commentaires
Concentration / avoiding distractions / procrastination
acgaillard13 acgaillard13 11 votes 2 commentaires
Programs related to news..
Alice RB Alice RB 0 votes 1 commentaire
Help to include non-guided meditation in practice
Marie Debard Marie Debard 11 votes 1 commentaire
More English programs with Betsy
veronica.emelianova veronica.emelianova 4 votes 1 commentaire
Anxiety and anger
menardm575 menardm575 12 votes 2 commentaires
Altruism love related program
Matteo Vaccari Matteo Vaccari 2 votes 0 commentaires
Program to speak in public in all the lenguages
Aleix Puig Aleix Puig 1 vote 6 commentaires
New program
p.reymondon p.reymondon 2 votes 2 commentaires