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Voice of Christophe Andre

mrubin mrubin
Just to say that Christophe Andre’s voice makes a huge difference. Very pleasant to listen to, projecting a sense of calm and peacefulness. I almost fell asleep on the first session...and I am super anxious and tense at the moment !! This is not the case for some of the other speakers unfortunately. Thank you Christophe.


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  • Mark  Rene
    Good mate, l enjoy all the voices l hear on bam bou, of course l like the Ladies voices more than the men, Christophe Andre for a dude l enjoy your work man. When l'm mindful l still prefer female voices, it's a mummy thing😁🙏
    Mark Rene
  • sumiya samiha
    sumiya samiha
  • judygoldfarb52
    How can I change the voice to the male voice?

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