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Let's discuss about meditation

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In this space, feel free to discuss anything you want.



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  • davidpetitjean
    Hi And in my room I don’t really know if I do mediation lying down or sitting up Thanks Abigail
  • famahd71
    Hello. Iam really cinfused too
  • Donaven Smith
    Donaven Smith
  • Andres Losada
    Good morning, now I make the Basic 2 for meditation and the 20 min are “long” and each time I have mani physical sensation ! The ear hashing, pain in the back, in the knee... is normal, can I do something to improve?
    Andres Losada
  • Alicia M
    Does anyone experience a kind of 'pain' on the chest when doing the meditation lying down? Is it normal?
    Alicia M
  • Jesse Hobart
    No feeling pain in your chest when lying down is not normal. Does it feel like someone is standing on your chest? Do you have any pain radiating down one arm? If you said yes to either of these questions I would suggest you see a doctor immediately as they can be signs that your heart is struggling to do its job. It’s probably nothing but better safe than sorry. Don’t think that when something is going wrong inside you that you are just magically going to be able to tell because it’s serious. It’s just like anything else, it could be something, we can tell, but we’ll try to talk ourselves out of it, saying if it was really serious we would know, there wouldn’t be any doubt. THERE IS ALWAYS DOUBT, if you even suspect that something is wrong, go to a hospital and ask a professional about it!
    Jesse Hobart
  • ongzpo ubyequ
    ongzpo ubyequ
  • Mark  Rene
    I love the experience of experimenting with different meditations, lying down & very seldom sitting l start to nod off. Now walking meditation was surprisingly mindful, l should of known better, l do between 30 & 35 km a week martial arts footwork for cardio. Of course doing something daily repeatedly & with precision is mindfulness at work, as is any skill we learn. So if we can be mindful learning, we can be always mindful if we have a mind or no mind for it 🙏
    Mark Rene
  • Shreyas Shrivastava
    Do you think, there's is a significance in focusing our attention on the point between our eye brows? The Hindu literature of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita, suggests meditating on this point. Since, it is the genesis of the practice of meditation, I want to explore and understand the significance of this.
    Shreyas Shrivastava
  • mandy311.rathi
    Hey Shreyas, yes focusing between your eyes is very significant. You may also know it's the place where mahadev had his third eyes, that's a symbolic thing, wr have a gland called pituitary gland in the brain right where the third eye is shown. Pituitary gland is the pary which is active in deep sleep and shows us dreams, it has a great spiritual significance. By focusing on that point between eyes during meditation, we can slowly activate our third eye ( the pituitary gland). You can read on the internet what you achieve by activating pituitary gland, it's wonderful and unreal, just do some research
  • srinivas  Parasa
    What do I think when I take meditation. I am unable to control my mind from thoughts,so I want to concentrate on thing ,whats the best??
    srinivas Parasa
  • mg aye
    Good night
    mg aye
  • fareehafawad84
    Hello people
  • aliakumari907
    Hello my friends
  • sachinskarnik
    My hands start lifting up automatically during meditation. Anybody else experience the same? Why does it happen? Please help.
  • philip hunter
    When m,editating it is often a moment when I doze of, meaning I get to feel sleepy rather than focused. Thank you for your thoughts Merry Christmas Philip
    philip hunter
  • naveedahamed44
    What is the diffrence one's can acquire after meditation?
  • bryan08saputra03
    Im in callming
  • clevercoder8
  • Chetan Pawar
    Feeling calm
    Chetan Pawar
  • roshanandkudave
    Hi everyone have a good day
  • pianofighter98
    Meditation can take a long time to get the hang of. Be patient with yourself in doing this, even if it's hard to control your thoughts. Try to let go without focusing on them too much. This may be difficult at first. Don't concentrate so hard on letting go, try to concentrate a little bit and then observe. I'm not a professional, but this is kind of similar to what I've experienced. Meditation is very helpful and I think the world needs more of it. It can be uncomfortable at first, and that's okay. Have a good day everyone. I love you guys :)
  • shainjannatpranti
  • gmat.dheeraj
    When I have too many thoughts, I just concentrate on my breathing. Also concentrating on one thought helps too. Find something for yourself to concentrate on. Anything, you will eventually be able to control on your thiughts

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