My payment fails on the website My payment fails on the website

My payment fails on the website

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You are trying to purchase a subscription, or to renew your subscription from our website, but it does not work.

Several reasons can be the cause of this payment failure:

  • your card has expired or is invalid
  • the balance of your payment method is not sufficient
  • the information entered during the payment is not correct
  • online transactions are not authorized by your bank
  • your bank refuses the transaction for security reasons
  • a connection problem
  • the validation procedure of the code sent by the bank (3DS) was not validated because the confirmation window was closed too quickly
  • our server may be acting up (check our news to see if we have an internal technical problem)


To solve the problem, we propose several solutions:

  • try using another payment method (credit card, Paypal, bank transfer)
  • repeat the operation without closing the confirmation window at the end
  • make sure you have a sufficient balance on your payment method
  • contact your bank to know the reasons of the refusal and so that it can unblock the situation

If you do contact your bank, you can check with them if :

- your card or bank account can be used for recurring transactions (subscription)

- you can make online transactions

- the transaction was refused for security reasons 

Once your bank has taken the necessary measures, you can try the payment again. And if the problem persists despite their intervention, we encourage you to use another payment method. 


Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any further question!

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