Our new free breathing tool Our new free breathing tool

Our new free breathing tool

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Perhaps you have already had the opportunity to try our free meditation tool?
There is now an equivalent of it with breathing exercises!

What's the difference with our old cardiac coherence tool you might ask? 

The difference is that it has been improved to allow you to personalize it even more :)
We realized that "cardiac coherence" was just one of many breathing exercises.
So we changed the location of the latter and reworked the tool to make it even easier to use. 

Remember to download the latest update of our application so that the tool appears on your screens! Then, click on "Session" at the bottom of your screen, then on "Free".




As with free meditation, you can choose: 

- the duration of your session
- an ambient sound if needed
- your breathing technique ("cardiac coherence" and "long exhale" accessible to all, and "box breathing" and "customized mode" where you program the number of seconds inhalation, exhalation and apnea for the subscribers)
- new sound guides
- the shape of the visual (including a new curve-shaped one available to all)


Finally, after receiving many requests, please note that your breathing exercises are now recorded in your history! :) 

The whole team hopes you will enjoy this new tool and we remain at your disposal if you wish to give us your feedback (help@petitbambou.com). 

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