My payment fails on the app My payment fails on the app

My payment fails on the app

Clara Clara

Sometimes, the payment of a half-yearly subscription from the app encounters some difficulties and does not succeed. Don't worry, we have the solution!

Via Google

If an error code 3 appears :

> Open the PlayStore, and go to the menu (top left)

> Click on Settings, and click on PlayStore Version (This will update the PlayStore if necessary)
> Go to Phone settings, click on Applications, Google Play Store, Storage and click on Delete data.
> Restart the phone and then proceed with the subscription process again.

The error may be related to the payment method registered on your Google Account. You can refer to Google Help for more information: Google Help 

Via Apple

An error code 500 appears at the time of subscription OR you are not sure if the payment was validated :

Following new European legislation, the online purchase process has become more secure, which sometimes causes problems of synchronisation between Apple and Petit Bambou.

Check your Apple account to see if Petit Bambou appears in your list of subscriptions.

To do this, open the settings of your iPhone/iPad, then click on your name.

Then, click on subscriptions.


Do you see Petit Bambou in the list?

  • If so you can do the following steps : 

- Go to the application, and click on the crown at the top left of the programs page.

- Then go to the bottom of the page.

- In the I have already paid for a subscription to Petit Bambou but the content is not unlocked yet section, click on click here.

- This button will replay the subscription process, retrieving the information from your initial payment (and of course no additional payment).

  • If the subscription does not appear in the list, it means that the payment was not accepted :

The error may be related to the payment method registered on your Apple account. You can refer to the Apple Help Center for more information: Apple Help Center  

We invite you to try to re-subscribe via the app or through our website directly:  here.


The payment still does not work

If the page loads indefinitely when you try to validate your payment, but does not succeed, it may be a problem related to the security of your online payment: a new European Directive on the Security of Online Payments (DSP2) now requires stronger authentication when making purchases online. You will have to validate your payment in your banking application for it to be successful.

If you do not use a banking app or if the problem persists, you can also subscribe via our site. 

See the subscriptions on the site.

Do not hesitate to contact us at  if you need to! 


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